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environmental and social impact is a Berlin based, not-for-profit, e-commerce platform where  labour-led entities and responsible consumers are met.

What we do? 

We stand by the labour-led configurations.  

Within solidarity, we undertake labour-led configurations' managerial and operational tasks such like  international trade, online sales, delivery, ticketing and reservation. 


Via our eCommerce infrastructure we provide European responsible consumers an online  platform to order goods and services securely. 

Where consumer value does not come from?

On our platform you will find products and services where consumer value is not coming from negative externalities such as exploitation of labour and environmental resources.

Why labour-led configurations?

Collectives, cooperatives, farmers, friend groups, partnerships without employees are among labour-led configurations. 

Working class, including people who are unemployed, marginalised and excluded from job market constitute the most populous and vulnerable class of our society.  

We believe configurations led by labour are possible alternatives to profit oriented, capital run companies for a fair, inclusive and sustainable economy. 

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The new currency

by Sifa Girinci 2019

Today, markets are unsustainable.*


A new kind of economy is needed: fairer, more inclusive, less exploitative, less destructive of society and the planet. 


New configurations which are capable of producing more sustainable and democratic outcomes, are accomplishable more than ever.


In this endeavor, collaboration is the new currency. 

*World Economic Forum Sustainable Development Impact Summit 23 Sep 2019

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