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We are Alina and Zerrin,

also sisters-in-law, mother and aunt, big sister-little sister, neighbors in the same neighborhood and friends.

Briefly from A to Z, i.e. very flexible and adaptable, just like all the other women.

Alina is a passionate athlete and, with her first baby, she had to put her job as a personal trainer on hold. As a cancer patient, I, Zerrin, wanted to take some time off and continue my education.

With the announced baby, great searches for baby utensils and beautiful gifts were started. Because we couldn't find what we were looking for and didn't want to be satisfied with ordinary gifts, we quickly agreed to launch our own online shop.

Nothing stood in the way of concentrated female power and creativity. Of course, we started with handmade baby items such as grabbing toys and pacifier chains, and the hype of cell phone chains has not gone unnoticed by us. The first products were Alina's designs. After a short time, glasses chains were added. Which we then, depending on the circumstances, converted into glasses mask chains. We upcycling necklaces, bracelets and various fashion jewelry. With us, every pearl finds its place and becomes a wonderful unique specimen.

Since we give great importance to sustainability and recycle leftovers, an idea of ​​mine and a simple prototype resulted in the pocket heroine.

Since the market for baby items and cell phone chains is very large, we will initially concentrate on glasses mask chains and the pocket heroine.

Which we lovingly make 100% by hand in Berlin-Kreuzberg and even cater to special requests.

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