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We stand by small-scale initiatives for a fair, inclusive and sustainable economy. 

Who are we? is a platform introducing socially and ecologically conscious products & services of labour-led initiatives to conscious consumers.


We plan to offer a range of goods and services offered by small-scale initiatives that are comprised of either individuals, collectives or cooperatives from the disadvantaged groups of society.

What we do?

We offer practical support to our partners.


Small-scale initiatives operate on precarious conditions and they often lack access to tools that will grow their businesses. Their inaccessibility to these tools such as managerial and marketing know-how, integration to delivery chains and capital investment, constitutes an absolute disadvantage compared to large-scale enterprises.


With this fact in mind, we aim to provide operational and educational support to our target group in terms of creating marketing content and strategy, undertaking logistics, holding workshops and networking events.

Support skills and standard development
Undertake managerial and operational tasks 
Provide payment and eCommerce infrastructure

Impact Logic

Solidarity between professionals and small-scale initiatives
Integrating «work» into professional services and structures
Positive impact on direct income for the target group

Open Call

Do you produce with social and environmental impact in mind? 

Are you freelancer producer, cooperative, collective or a friend group?

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Vision & Mission

We envision a fair, inclusive and sustainable economy. This economy recognizes the labour of disadvantaged groups of society, such as women and refugees.

We are a platform for sales, advisory and education for small-scale labour-led initiatives run by disadvantageous groups of society.Through this platform we aim to make a positive impact to these groups first by providing them direct income, then providing education and tools that will improve their businesses and living conditions. Our platform plans to accomplish this by handling managerial and operational tasks of these initiatives, providing training/events with a conscious perspective on ecology and gender.

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