The alternative is possible

We believe configurations led by labour are possible alternatives to profit oriented, capital run companies for a fair, inclusive and sustainable economy. 


Capital run entities, run by profit, fuelled by market and bank-based finance have been destructive effects on the environment. Increasing competitiveness through lowering compensations and seizing worker rights undoubtedly devastating for the societies.

Labour-led organisations, -collectives, cooperatives, friend ateliers- are producing with  social and environmental impact in mind however they are lack of access to high paid managerial staff, integration to delivery chains and capital investment. They have absolute disadvantage against capital run peers. 

We undertake labour-led entities' operational and managerial responsibilities and introduce their products & services to European responsible consumers on our online platform .

We aim at building an alternative platform for goods and services where consumer value is not coming from negative environmental or social externalities. 


We place art in the new economic configuration. Our Editions are determined to be provocative, and they call for action. 

The listed Editions will propose progressive and alternative perspectives on financialisation, development and labour issues. 


The organic and unique relationship building is the backbone of our strategy. Our magazine compiles essays, interviews, podcasts, videos on the people and habitat we focus on.

We believe in the power of local journalism and regional media in search of economic democracy. We work together with local journalists and publish contents in English, German and Turkish to attract a broader audience to local concerns.


On our E-commerce platform we list services and products sourced with social and environmental impact in mind. 

Our suppliers are selected among labour-lead configurations and our store policy ensures that consumer value is not coming from negative externalities such as labour exploitation or abuse of the environment and common goods. 


We are configured by Aegean Advisory Three organisational units co-determine and execute our deal with society. Management is in charge of financial planning, liquidity and cash management. Operations are responsible for international trade, logistics and business continuity. Conceptual is the hearth of our organisation pumping new forms and ideas.


We are a four-day working week company. 

Open Positions

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News & Reports

Semiannual negative screening and quarterly activity reports are designed to keep you updated on our activities and impact.   


We would love to meet you at one of our events! 

Note: Due to Covid19, till 20121, we hold only open air meetings in Prag and Berlin. 

  • Caria way trekking
    May 08, 8:40 PM – 9:45 PM GMT+3
    Kapıkırı, 48230 Milas/Muğla, Turkey
    The village of Kapıkırı is situated among the remains of ancient Heraclea by Latmus. Somewhat right of the centre of the image the temple of Athena can be seen.

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