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What is an Edition? 

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Editions FAQ?

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What is an Edition?

An introduction

by Melike Bayık

Edition indicates that a specific art/design piece is produced more than one instead of a one, unique object. This is not an industrial object produced by serial production but an artwork produced by the artist herself, in a limited number.  >> Read More

FAQ on Art Editions

on Editions

by Rana Kelleci

Inscriptions such as 5/60 that we encounter at the corner of an artwork or 3+1 written on the artwork’s label indicates that the artwork has editions. We know it can be confusing for both the viewer and buyer -even for the artist sometimes! 

So in this post, let’s briefly look at some questions regarding art editions.

>> Read More

Current Edition

New Currency

by Şifa Girinci

November 2020

Solidarity is the new currency.

>>Read more

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