Our social impact programs target under-represented groups in the society and aim to provide them with skills, methods and theoretical frameworks that increase their living conditions alongside life satisfaction and expectations.


Ongoing program

Gender and Environmental Consciousness in Women’s Labour

Our current program “Gender and Environmental Consciousness in Women’s Labour” is carried out with Turkish speaking immigrant women living in Berlin, who wishes to have some level of economic freedom, who do not have a professional design experience but produces handmade designs at home.

The 4 month-program aims to improve the existing design skills of participants with a focus on ecological and gender sensitivities to a degree that would generate a source of income for them.

It provides the participants an understanding and awareness of gender and environment in their personal lives and in the wider social context; and to integrate this theoretical framework into the basic design stages and their personal design projects that they are expected to complete at the end of the program.

Neukölln Berlin
Sep. 2021 - Jun. 2022

Deadline 21.08.2022